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  • Agriculture in India statistics facts Statista

    Agriculture In India Statistics Facts Statista

    Nov 26, 2021 Growth rate of milk production India FY 2011-2020. Meat production volume in India FY 2019 by species. Number of fishing villages in India 2018 by state.

  • 2011 Census Data Census of India Website

    2011 Census Data Census Of India Website

    2011 Census Data. Population Enumeration Data. Language and Mother Tongue. Houselisting and Housing Data. Act, Rules Notification. Research on

  • Agricultural Production and Productivity in India

    Agricultural Production And Productivity In India

    Table 3.1 shows the trend in agricultural productivity in India, i.e., the average yield per hectare. The Table 3.1 reveals that in India the average yield per hectare for all food-grains has recorded an increase from 5.5 quintals in 1949-50 to 7.6 quintals in 1964-65 and then to 18.98 quintals in 2008- 09 showing an annual growth rate of 1.4 ...

  • Propellers of Agricultural Productivity in India

    Propellers Of Agricultural Productivity In India

    supports, and Government procurement programs (Shreedhar et al., 2012). Yet India has experienced substantial change since the 1960s. Economic growth over the past 45 years has boosted incomes gross domestic product (GDP) per capita (in 2005-constant U.S. dollars) has grown from $267 in 1969-71 to $1,169 in 2011-13 (ERS, 2014).

  • World Livestock 2011

    World Livestock 2011

    Figure 1 Production from poultry and pigs in india, Brazil and china 1967 to 2007 15 Figure 2 export of livestock products by region 1967 and 2007 16 Figure 3 net trade per person in livestock products by year and region 17 Figure 4 arable land area by year and region 19 Figure 5 Projections for chicken manure production in Viet nam

  • India GDP From Manufacturing 2021 Data 2022 Forecast

    India Gdp From Manufacturing 2021 Data 2022 Forecast

    GDP From Manufacturing in India increased to 5867.75 INR Billion in the third quarter of 2021 from 5438.21 INR Billion in the second quarter of 2021. GDP From Manufacturing in India averaged 4795.88 INR Billion from 2011 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 6315.03 INR Billion in the first quarter of 2021 and a record low of 3331.04 INR Billion in the third quarter of

  • Statewise Area under Crops in India 19501951 to 2010

    Statewise Area Under Crops In India 19501951 To 2010

    State-wise Area Coverage of Kharif and Rabi Crops in India (2011-2012 to 2013-2014) Selected State-wise Area Coverage under Major Kharif Crops in India (2011-2012 and 2012-2013-upto 24.09.2012) State-wise Area under Crops in India (2000-2001 to 2012-2013) - Part I State-wise Area under Crops in India (2000-2001 to 2012-2013) - Part II

  • History of agriculture in the Indian subcontinent Wikipedia

    History Of Agriculture In The Indian Subcontinent Wikipedia

    Few Indian commercial cropssuch as Cotton, indigo, opium, wheat, and ricemade it to the global market under the British Raj in India. The second half of the 19th century saw some increase in land under cultivation and agricultural production expanded at an average rate of about 1% per year by the later 19th century. Due to extensive irrigation by canal networks

  • Impact of Population Growth on Environmental

    Impact Of Population Growth On Environmental

    Nov 04, 2011 Received October,21, 2011 Accepted October,29, 2011 Published November 4, 2011 Abstract Rapid population growth in a country like India is threatening the environment through expansion and intensification of agriculture, uncontrolled growth of urbanization and industrialization, and destruction of natural habitats.

  • Covishield India vaccine maker halves production BBC News

    Covishield India Vaccine Maker Halves Production Bbc News

    Dec 08, 2021 Covishield accounts for 90% of the 1.3 billion doses given so far in India The worlds largest vaccine maker will halve the production of its Covid-19 vaccine because it has no fresh orders, its ...

  • India GDP From Agriculture 2021 Data 2022 Forecast

    India Gdp From Agriculture 2021 Data 2022 Forecast

    GDP From Agriculture in India decreased to 4076.41 INR Billion in the third quarter of 2021 from 4862.92 INR Billion in the second quarter of 2021. GDP From Agriculture in India averaged 4338.58 INR Billion from 2011 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 6401.91 INR Billion in the fourth quarter of 2020 and a record low of 2690.74 INR Billion in the third quarter of 2011.

  • PDF Mushrooms Cultivation Marketing and Consumption

    Pdf Mushrooms Cultivation Marketing And Consumption

    Resi. 6, Janpath, New Delhi-1 10 01 1 (India) T el. 01 1-23018870, 23018619 Fax 011-23018609. E-mail MESSAGE. Quality food, health and environment are the major ...

  • PDF Production and Marketing of Mushrooms Global

    Pdf Production And Marketing Of Mushrooms Global

    Tot al World Production 21,86,222 34 ... also called button mushrooms contributes about 1/3rd of total world production (Wakchaure, 2011) ... the oyster mushroom production in India is far ...

  • Renewable energy for sustainable development in India

    Renewable Energy For Sustainable Development In India

    Jan 07, 2020 Table 3 shows the primary energy consumption of renewables for the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) from 2016 to 2040. India consumed around 17 Mtoe of renewable energy in 2016, and this will be 256 Mtoe in 2040. It is probable that Indias energy consumption will grow fastest among all major economies by 2040, with coal contributing most

  • Bioenergy production and environmental impacts

    Bioenergy Production And Environmental Impacts

    May 24, 2018 Soam et al. reported that the electricity production from rice straw produced a higher GHGs emission reduction than the traditional way in India. Tonini et al. reported that biofuel production from the agricultural residues without involving land use change is a promising emission reduction option from the perspective of life cycle.

  • Indian Motor Vehicles

    Indian Motor Vehicles

    Nov 15, 2021 India is the largest manufacturer of tractors having sold approx. 0.9 m units in 2018-19 or around a third of the global output. Construction vehicle production was approx. 59 000 units in 2014. 2.17 million passenger cars were

  • Comparison of Manufacturing Between India vs China

    Comparison Of Manufacturing Between India Vs China

    Sep 09, 2016 As of 2011, India had almost 4.7 million kilometers of roads, almost 600,000 more kilometers than China. However, only about 54 percent of roads in India were paved, whereas 84 percent of Chinese ...

  • Analyzing trend and forecasting of rainfall changes in

    Analyzing Trend And Forecasting Of Rainfall Changes In

    Jun 25, 2020 Gupta et al. 6 documented that the amount of soil moisture for crop production is totally ... India. Mondal et al. 32 reported that many parts of Western India and Central India were received very ...


    Maize In India

    cultivation in the season. Maize is the third most important cereal crop in India after rice and wheat. It accounts for 9 per cent of total food grain production in the country. Maize production in India has grown at a CAGR of 5.5 per cent over the last ten years from 14 MnMT 2004-05 to 23 MnMT in 2013-14 Land Area Under Maize Cultivation and ...


    Postharvest Losses And Strategies To Reduce

    losses take place at production, postharvest and processing stages in the food supply chain (Parfitt et al., 2010). Food losses are mainly due to poor infrastructure and logistics, lack of technology, insufficient skills, knowledge and management capacity of supply chain actors, and lack to markets.

  • Impact of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture A Review

    Impact Of Climate Change On Indian Agriculture A Review

    Aug 08, 2006 In India, substantial work has been done in last decade aimed at understanding the nature and magnitude of change in yield of different crops due to projected climate change. This paper presents an overview of the state of the knowledge of possible effect of the climate variability and change on food grain production in India.

  • Milk Production in India

    Milk Production In India

    Contact. National Dairy Development Board Anand - 388 001, Gujarat, INDIA. Telephone 91-2692-260148 260149, 260159, 260160 Fax 91-2692-260157, 260159

  • The green blue and grey water footprint of crops and

    The Green Blue And Grey Water Footprint Of Crops And

    et al. (2009) distinguished 17 major crops, while Liu and Yang (2010) considered 20 crops and 2 additional broader crop categories. Hanasaki et al. (2010) present the global green and blue water consumption for all crops but assume one dominant crop per grid cell at a 30 by 30 arc minute res-olution. In a recent study, Fader et al. (2011) made ...

  • The green blue and grey water footprint of crops

    The Green Blue And Grey Water Footprint Of Crops

    crop categories. Hanasaki et al. (2010) present the global green and blue water con-sumption for all crops but assume one dominant crop per grid cell at a 30 by 30arcmin resolution. 2 Method 15 The green, blue and grey water footprints of crop production were estimated following the calculation framework of Hoekstra et al. (2009).

  • Agriculture in India Wikipedia

    Agriculture In India Wikipedia

    In fiscal year ending June 2011, with a normal monsoon season, Indian agriculture accomplished an all-time record production of 85.9 million tonnes of wheat, a 6.4% increase from a year earlier. Rice output in India hit a new record at 95.3 million tonnes, a

  • Animal Husbandry Statistics Government of India

    Animal Husbandry Statistics Government Of India

    The production of major livestock products(MLP) namely milk, eggs, meat and wool is estimated on the basis of annual sample surveys conducted under the Central Sector Scheme Integrated Sample Survey. The scheme is implemented by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying through State Animal Husbandry Departments.

  • Agricultural Statistics

    Agricultural Statistics

    4.25 All-India Area, Production and Yield of Guarseed and Sunhemp 131-132 4.26 Production of Oilseeds/Oils and Net Availability of Edible Oils 133-134 4.27 State wise Production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) 135 4.28(a) State-wise Production of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches 136 4.28(b) Target and Achievement of Area Expansion under ISOPOM, NMOOP and ...

  • Analysis of Trends in Indias Agricultural Growth

    Analysis Of Trends In Indias Agricultural Growth

    sub-national levels in India. Data on important variables like area, production, input use and value of output were compiled for the period 1967-68 to 2007-08 from various published sources. The analysis of data reveals that the cropping pattern in


    Pdf A Review On Integrated Farming Systems

    Manivannan et al. (2011) reported that the respondents from Erode district of Tamilnadu were having goat crop, goat dairy crop, goat dairy and goat dairy crop systems as the main 321 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH FOR MULTIDISCIPLINARY Impact Factor 1.625, ISSN 2320-5083, Volume 3, Issue 7, August

  • State of Indian Agriculture 201516

    State Of Indian Agriculture 201516

    Table 1.2 Sector-wise share in GCF-Agri (Based on 2011-12 series) 8 Table 1.3 Production of Foodgrains and Other major Crops 9 Table 1.4 Production of Milk, Eggs, Wool, Meat and Fish All India 12 Table 1.5 State-wise Insured Area 201415 (area in million hectares) 26 Table 1.6 Crop-wise Insurance Coverage Under All Schemes 26

  • Reconciling Food Production and Biodiversity Conservation

    Reconciling Food Production And Biodiversity Conservation

    Sep 02, 2011 We report this information for birds and trees in Ghana and India, where both land sharing and land sparing have been advocated for reconciling food production and biodiversity conservation ( 19 22 ). We measured the mean population densities of 167 bird species and 220 tree species in 25 1-km 2 squares in Ghana, and of 174 bird species and ...

  • Trichoderma Mass production formulation quality

    Trichoderma Mass Production Formulation Quality

    Trichoderma Mass production, formulation, quality control, delivery and its scope in commercialization in India for the management of plant diseases Sanjeev Kumar1*, Manibhushan Thakur2 and Archana Rani3 1Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture, Jawahar Lal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya-Jabalpur (MP), 482004, India.

  • 2019 eandsdacnetnicin

    2019 Eandsdacnetnicin

    6.1 Area and Production of Horticulture Crops All India 36 6.2 All-India Area, Production and Yield of Potato and Onion 38 6.3 All-India Area, Production and Yield of Banana 38 6.4 Foodgrain and Horticulture Production in India 39 6.5(a) Value of Output of Horticulture Crops at constant (2011-12) prices 40


    Policy Brief India

    Industrial production in India has grown exponentially over the past two decades. During 200111, the production of finished steel, cement, coal, and crude oil has grown at the rate of 9.0 per cent, 8.1 per cent, 5.5 per cent, and 1.5 per cent, respectively. A Comprehensive Environmental Authors Sumit Sharma, Fellow Jai Malik, Research Associate

  • Effects of the Crisis on the Automotive Industry in

    Effects Of The Crisis On The Automotive Industry In

    production systems has largely confined the impact of sales declines during the crisis to each country/region. In addition, the different development strategies followed by countries like Mexico, China, and India are slowly converging as their industries gain size and independence.

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