About us 

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ELWRO-SYSTEM Ltd. was founded in 1988 by engineers - designers of industrial automation systems, employees of the Centre for Computerized Automation Systems and Measurements MERA – ELWRO based in Wrocław, which existed in the period 1959-1993.

Over 40 years' experience of the engineering group results in a high professionalism and quality of work performed. Hiring young engineers also enables the company to maintain its dynamic growth and ensures continuity of knowledge and experience passed on by older workers.

ELWRO – SYSTEM has its own proven algorithms and software, and develops new versions based on guidelines and requirements received from users.

To achieve assumed technical objectives and economic effects of implemented automation systems, ELWRO - SYSTEM offers high-quality automation means, by cooperation with the world's best suppliers of automation equipment, proven in terms of quality. Our own, long experience in applying products of various manufacturers enables our company to achieve optimum results in selecting equipment and design solutions. These solutions guarantee reliable operation of automation systems, as well as their long-term scalability.